Basement Finishing

Basement Finishing

Picture this: you and your spouse bought a charming home and have worked at upgrading and renovating it. Over the years, you’ve bought new furnishings and appliances, added pets, and had children. The kids have grown; there’s been an influx of bicycles, sports equipment, toys, and more. Now, the closets and garage are full, and it seems like there is never enough space. Sound familiar? Instead of looking around at adding storage and space to existing rooms, consider looking downstairs at your unfinished basement. This a versatile bonus space and can be finished and converted into whatever your family needs.

Many people use basement space for a home gym, as it tends to stay cooler than other parts of the house. The natural darkness of a basement makes it ideal for a home theater or family room. Families with children often make it a kid-friendly zone and use the space for the games, sleepovers, and the accompanying noise of playing children and teens. Many Americans felt the need for extra space more strongly this past year, with parents and children working and learning from home more than usual. Finishing a basement can provide families with extra breathing room, and our team can customize the space to fit your family’s budget and wants. Perhaps the most crucial thing to consider when deciding if you want to finish your basement is cost. 

While not as expensive as building a new addition above ground, it is not a small undertaking. However, there’s a silver lining: the return on investment. On average, you can expect a 70-75% return on your investment to finish a basement – that means for every $1,000 you spend, you can expect the value of your home to increase by about $700. Compared to many home improvement projects, this is a great return. With our free estimates, you’ll know the projected costs upfront so that you can make the best decision for your family and home.

So, you’ve decided to go ahead – now what? The next important consideration is waterproofing. Basements can be moist, and if not treated properly, your beautiful renovation can be ruined by leaks, mildew, and mold, which can cause structural damage. This can also result in safety issues and drastically reduce the value of your home. GQ Renovations will start by assessing what needs to be done to ensure your basement remains dry and protected.

While the do-it-yourselfer may complete some home renovation projects, a professional should be involved in a basement renovation. Issues with codes and clearances, proper ventilation, maintaining access to plumbing and mechanicals, and waterproofing are tasks best handled by a professional. Our team of experts will develop the ultimate plan for your basement remodel and make sure the job gets done right.

GQ Renovations can help you add value to your home while giving you the extra space you need. Call us today to schedule your free estimate. We proudly serve the New Jersey Tri-State area. For basement remodels and all your home renovation needs, we are the #1 most-trusted company.