Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Quality remodeling projects immediately add to your enjoyment of your home. Nothing compares with a new and custom-designed bathroom when it comes to personal pleasure and attractiveness to potential buyers. With our team handling the work for you, your new bathroom experience will be limited only by your imagination and the budget you set with us when bringing your wishes to life.

Bathroom remodels at midrange to upscale levels can add up to 70% or more of the project costs back into a home’s market value. Depending on your project’s budget and the current condition of your existing bathrooms, our expertise in design will help guide your design choices in selecting and prioritizing the project components that will provide the best returns on your investment. We also provide our professional advice on color, materials, and finish choices that will meet your personal choices and provide the greatest appeal to buyers on the resale market.

A fresh coat of paint is a solid start for a design plan. This simple step, when done professionally, can make a huge difference in giving the room a completely new look. The proper painting also remediates many types of water damage or areas where mildew has been cleaned away.

Upgraded bathroom flooring also makes a dramatic impact on overall appearance and feel. New tile choices that fit into your room concept will often be the single most important feature in the new room. Non-slip tile adds to overall safety and cleanliness. To take your enjoyment to the next level, we can recommend radiant heating elements for installation under new floor tiling that will provide year-round warmth and luxury.

Updated fixtures throughout a bathroom also make for a more modern and brand-new feel. From faucets and handles to the new tub and shower spaces, hardware makes for highly enhanced usefulness and aesthetics. We can take your tub and shower design in many directions, from a large and comfortable steam shower with seating to an amazing jacuzzi tub or anything in-between.

Full room updates often include new vanity space. You can choose various elements to create a single or double vanity with new cabinetry, mirrors, and sinks. Virtually unlimited marble and stone countertop choices are available, and smaller projects can make great use of new tile or laminate materials and colors. Storage space is one of the premium considerations in top bathroom design, and cabinet or closet remodeling can completely overhaul a room’s utility.

In modern remodeling projects, new bathrooms can be much more energy-efficient. Better water usage and disposal with a new toilet, shower, and sink are not only good for the environment and your water bill but also for the market appeal to new buyers.

GQ Renovations makes your renovation or remodeling project a work of art based on your tastes and design ideas. We value the quality of work we provide our clients and place customer service at the top of our daily mission. GQR is locally owned and operated by Devin O’Rourke and is proud to offer the best value anywhere in New Jersey and the Tri-State area. Contact us today to receive a free estimate for the remodeling projects you have in mind.