Decks are a classic and timeless addition to any home. They are great spaces to gather and spend time with friends and family, an essential component of a good barbeque for your community, or even just a private area to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Besides greatly improving the quality and aesthetics of your home, decks can increase your property value, and help you sell your home faster when it comes time to move. An outdoor space is a great idea for the next addition to your home.

Decks Are A Great Space To Entertain

Decks are an excellent way to keep gatherings outdoors and maintain a clean and damage-free home. Besides avoiding messes, your own yard is one of the most enjoyable spaces to prepare meals for family and friends. A deck provides a space to enjoy some of life’s most peaceful activities.

Decks Allow You An Opportunity To Enjoy The Outdoors

Now more than ever, it’s important to take a break from modern-day distractions. A deck can help protect you from the blaring notifications and alarms that come from our phones, computers, and other devices in our households. Spending time outside can help you relax and refocus on what really matters, whether reading a book, sipping a cold drink after work, or just soaking up the mood-boosting sunlight.

An outdoor space is also one of the easiest ways to expand the livable area of your home, and it is much cheaper than other home additions. They fit  more naturally than home additions and come in various styles and materials to fit your tastes.

We Can Design A Deck For Your Needs

For a unique and visually striking look, some customers will opt for redwood. Other options, such as bamboo, are more environmentally sustainable and have appealing colors. Some of the most durable materials are pine and cedar. These woods give your outdoor space a timeless look. There are also man-made products available that offer a more maintenance free experience.

Beyond the material, style is just as important. Patterns can give a distinct feeling to the space. Some popular choices include laying materials parallel, diagonally, parquet or chevron style. You can even create a custom pattern for your space. You will be able to customize your design to what you value most. Whether you want something that emphasizes privacy, a space that is open and inviting, something ground or multi-level, the options are many.

Having A Deck Can Have A Positive Impact On Landscaping And Storage

Not only do decks look great and add property value to your home, but they can also save you time in the amount of maintenance work that you will have to do on your yard. They are a great way to cut back on lawn mowing and give you more usable space. Decks can also be a great place for additional storage.

There are many reasons to add a deck to your home. With a wide variety of styles and designs, you will be able to get exactly what you want. GQ Renovations is the leader in deck building in Barnegat and the New Jersey tri-state area. Contact us today for a free estimate.