Indoor Projects

Indoor Projects

When people think about home renovation, they typically picture someone re-doing their bathroom or getting new kitchen cabinets. While those things are fantastic ways to liven up a home and raise its property value, there are many more ways to get a new and improved look. The scope of potential renovation projects is so large, and people often don’t realize how involved preparations are, what is available to them, and what requires permits. You may want simple changes, like repairing holes in the drywall caused by poorly placed wall hangings; or to transform entire sections of your home.

Stairs are a central focal point of the home and changing their appearance can alter your indoor space’s entire look. They can be spruced or re-designed and replaced altogether. You can modernize railings, alter the stairs’ outer material, switch to a spiral staircase, or simply re-paint the area.

If you’re looking to make the home more accessible to those with disabilities, installing an electric stairlift can give back a sense of independence. You may also choose to widen doorways and hallways to accommodate wheelchairs and add in access ramps. Walk-in bathtubs make a big difference in the number of slip and fall accidents. There are grants available to help pay for many of these modifications.

Many new homeowners are removing carpeting to expose old hardwood floors. It’s best to call in a renovation company to refinish and restore the flooring to its previous glory. Refinishing can be risky to take on yourself. The proper equipment is powerful, and oftentimes the wood is damaged and worse off than before. Choosing the wrong finish or color can turn into an expensive proposition. An expert will be able to clean, buff, coat, and refinish the floors in no time. It is more affordable than replacing the floors altogether and has the same payoff.

Another unique way to change up your home is to add components to features that are already there. You could create a fold-out or pull-out desk and shelves under a stairwell to serve as a brand-new study area. Shelves can be added to unused space in your bathroom, such as the area above the bathtub. A living room can be re-designed to have a sunken couch built into the floor and adding a breakfast nook is a great way to finish a kitchen. There are endless possibilities when you work with the right team. Today, when so much time is spent in our homes, why not create a space to hideaway? A finished basement is a great way to turn otherwise unused space into a family game room or indoor theater. 

At GQ Renovations, every project we do is unique. We work directly with our clients, listening to their exact goals and expectations and then explaining options for how to go about achieving them. We factor our clients’ budget, time constraints and other needs into the plan to make sure you’re comfortable from start to finish. We go above-and-beyond in the work we do, ensuring Greater Quality Renovations in everything we do. Call us today for a free estimate and know that you are getting Barnegat’s most-trusted general contractor.