Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

For many residents, the kitchen is the heart of the home. From brewing a cup of early-morning coffee to preparing a home-cooked meal at the end of a long workday, kitchens are integral to daily living. It is no surprise that they rank at the top for the most desirable home renovations year after year. Taking a drab and dreary room and turning it into a welcoming space you love to spend time in is a fantastic way to make your house feel like home. It also encourages more family time — a truly priceless feature. Whether you are looking to replace deteriorating surfaces and appliances or create a more personalized aesthetic, GQ Renovation is here to help with your upgrades.

Creating Your Dream Kitchen

Money can’t buy happiness but investing in your kitchen can. After renovating their kitchens, 90 percent of consumers have a greater desire to be home, and 33 percent lead a healthier lifestyle. For instance, rearranging an older layout to be more practical can help you save time and effort when preparing your home-cooked meals. New or remodeled designs often utilize a classic work triangle, placing the three most-used appliances (sink, refrigerator, and stove) in a convenient triangular set-up. Moreover, 79 percent of renovations include replacing the faucet, and high-tech or energy-efficient additions continue to gain traction.

Replacing or refurbishing countertops and cabinets are an easy way to customize the ambiance to your liking. From the ever-popular engineered quartz to rustic granite or wooden slabs, the choice is yours. Environmentally-conscious homeowners will be relieved to know that there are plenty of sustainable and eco-friendly materials for upgrading surfaces, such as terra-cotta or handmade cement tiles. No matter the medium, make sure to choose high-quality materials made to last. Kitchen remodeling can be expensive, and the improvements you make need to stand the test of time.

Kitchens Add Value To Your Home

Remodeling your kitchen is the ultimate strategy for increasing your home’s value while also enjoying the perks of modern living. As much as 80 percent of homebuyers consider the kitchen as one of the three most important spaces when buying a home. Unsurprisingly, they are often willing to shell out money for high-end upgrades. According to Zillow, sellers typically make an average of 2.2 home improvements before selling, and 79 percent implement at least one.

For those in the middle-Atlantic region, a minor kitchen remodel is the fourth-best home improvement you can make for resale, with a return on investment (ROI) of 79.7 percent. While making upgrades, keep in mind that 58 percent of buyers consider having their preferred style an integral part of their home-buying decision. While a cozy country abode might fit your personal preference, the most popular types are transitional, modern, and contemporary.

Hiring A Trusted Kitchen Remodel Contractor

Eighty-five percent of homeowners chose to hire a professional—and for a good reason. Kitchen remodeling is a complicated job, and mistakes are especially costly. It is even a leading cause of consumer complaints, according to attorney generals. Vast experience is the key to knowing how to optimize and organize such a complex process. At GQ Renovations, we have the background, knowledge, and innovation to meet all your kitchen remodeling needs. Contact us today to learn more about our customized services.