Outdoor Projects

Outdoor Projects

Outdoor renovation and new construction projects can enhance the year-round enjoyment of your home and can meaningfully add to your property’s value. GQ Renovations provides custom design and construction services for outdoor improvements.

A new or renovated deck or patio is a superb choice for adding utility and value to your home in our competitive real estate market. We will work within your budget and creative ideas to design and build deck and patio areas with options for seating, cooking, and entertaining, limited only by your imagination. These spaces can be partially or fully covered and screened in for protection from flying insects, falling leaves, and birds. Unscreened areas can be furnished with awnings as retractable protection from the summer sun.

A fantastic addition to your outdoor living space is a gazebo or pergola. Gazebos are especially wonderful for sheltering furnishings, hot tubs, or training equipment. Pergolas are designed to keep your outdoor space open and enjoyable while affording significant shading from hot afternoon sunshine. Some pergola designs also include retractable shades for extra sun coverage or when one of our coastal summer showers pops up. Both gazebos and pergolas can be designed to mount fans, lighting, speakers, and decorative elements.

Outdoor entertaining has long been a favorite pastime in nice weather, and in recent years outdoor cooking and dining have exploded in popularity. Just as a kitchen is usually the interior focal point of a home’s resale value, outdoor kitchens and dining additions are becoming significant as well. We can design and build outdoor cooking spaces from a permanent grill to a total kitchen, including stovetops, ovens, sinks, and refrigerators set in a wide variety of permanent fixtures.

Another highly desirable entertainment option is a fire pit. It is almost certain to become the gathering place of choice for family and guests after a nice meal under the stars. Fire pits can be built to use dry firewood, propane, or natural gas. Pits using natural wood are very visually pleasing and keep you involved in stoking and feeding the fire. Gas structures are instant-on and off and do not involve buying and hauling firewood.

Quality fencing adds to your home’s privacy, security, and value. It can lower your insurance rates and serves as an obvious deterrent to thieves and trespassers. It also serves an important function in delineating property lines between your property and your neighbors. We will handle the design aspects of your project, including permitting and required inspections.

Outdoor storage sheds allow you to get equipment and tools out of your garage and backyard and inside a secure and non-cluttered space. Attractive and well-built sheds greatly enhance your property’s curb appeal and overall attractiveness. Besides storage, sheds can even provide outdoor working space, whether at a craft table or a computer workstation.

GQ Renovations knows that your home is the centerpiece of your life and your refuge from the world. We take pride in outstanding customer service and expert workmanship on every job we do. Locally owned and operated by Devin O’Rourke, our company strives to provide the best results at the best price anywhere in New Jersey. Contact us today for a free estimate.