Special Projects

Special Projects

If you’re thinking about remodeling your home, the sky is the limit for what you can do. People often encounter problems when thinking of ways to re-do their property because they simply don’t know the options available to them. You just need the right company to walk you through and help make the vision of your home a reality. At GQ Renovations, we’re proud to say many of our projects have far exceeded clients’ expectations.

Some of the most beneficial remodels are those that add to the functionality of the space. Nothing says class like a beautiful bay window enhancing the front of your property. Not only will your curb appeal be enhanced, but today’s windows are energy efficient. When combined with the increase in natural sunlight, you can experience savings in your heating bills.

Building custom closets is a great way to put a new spin on an otherwise boring part of a room while increasing your property’s value. Our experts can make them wheelchair accessible and tailored to how you plan to use them. Closets are not just limited to your home’s interior. Incorporating a pool closet allows you to store toys, towels, flip-flops, and other items you want close to the pool. It also de-clutters your indoor storage spaces and keeps dirt from tracking into your house. You can think big and have an entire pool house or cabana designed where people can change clothing, rinse off, keep drinks and snacks out of the sunlight, even sleep, and cook. A custom outdoor kitchen can take your property to an entirely new level.

Deck or patio covers, and a screened-in pool add to the total utility of your property. Sealing in your pool area saves time and money by keeping leaves and debris out of the water, so you don’t have to. A shaded cover can also help regulate temperature, so you don’t overheat or burn as easily in the Summertime. Those covers also make your property feel more private, blocked off from the wandering eyes of passersby or neighbors. These renovations lead you to spend more time outside, so you may consider adding a bathroom with an outdoor entryway. If your property’s layout allows it, you could create a distinct path to the bathroom that’s easily accessed by adding a new door outside.

Another way to make your home more functional is to make it more accessible. Adding decorative railing to outdoor staircases can make the climb a bit more pleasurable. Stairs do wear out over time and can be replaced in a variety of decorative materials that are also slip-resistant. Wheelchair access ramps can be added to blend with the existing structure.

“GQ Renovations” stands for “Greater Quality.” We chose that name because we know we will stick to it. Some companies are just focused on getting the job done and getting cash in hand. We aren’t like that. From start to finish, planning to material selection and execution of our projects, our dedication to quality work is our trademark. That’s because we genuinely care about our clients and our community.